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[audio]2010 Looking Forward - Jan 18,2010
Tonight Brian will cover news, 2010 predictions and take your calls.
Keywords: rush limbaugh
Downloads: 11
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.rush from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.rush", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.rush.limbaugh
Downloads: 47
[audio]Episode 3: The Hammond Report - Andy B. Hammond
Rush Limbaugh and the "phony soldier" controversy
Keywords: Rush Limbaugh; phony soldier
Downloads: 819
[movies]Amanda Flake Interview - A Flake
Amanda Flake Interview
Keywords: amanda flake; rush limbaugh
Downloads: 15
[audio]Texas A&M Athletics and Rush Limbaugh
Clip from WTAW 1620AM broadcast of the Rush Limbaugh show. March 12, 2012 at approx 11:55. Clip includes end of Rush Segment and then ad or promo for TAMU athletics..
Keywords: Texas A&M; Rush Limbaugh
Downloads: 21
[audio]Texas A&M Athletics and Rush Limbaugh
March 12, 2012 at 11:55 on WTAW 1620AM
Keywords: Texas A&M; Rush Limbaugh
Downloads: 16
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.rush-limbaugh from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.rush-limbaugh", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.rush-limbaugh.die; alt.rush-limbaugh.die.a; alt.rush-limbaugh
Downloads: 53
[audio]Senator Ted Cruz 21 Hours After Senate Speechathon Talks With Limbaugh
Senator Ted Cruz after Standing on Senate for 21 hours doing a Speechathon to defund Obamacare Talks With Rush Limbaugh.#StandwithCruz #MakeDCListen
Keywords: Sen Ted Cruz; Rush Limbaugh; Senate; Obamacare
Downloads: 13
[audio]Obamas March First - Danny
Covers Obama's march towards socialism during the first week of March of 09.
Keywords: Obama; socialism; Rush Limbaugh; Mike Pence
Downloads: 30
[movies]Caeser Pink Spits in the face of Fox News - caeser Pink
An Anti-Conservativism ad the Imperial Orgy ran on Fox News in Central, Pennsylvania to promote their performance there in 2011. The ad claims that Fox New's goal is to keep the public dumb. Downlaod Imperial Orgy Music:!/id368102272 Visit The Imperial Orgy Websire:
Keywords: rush limbaugh Pennsylvania' Mifflin County Fox News Channel Rush Limbaugh Glenn Beck Sarah Palin
Downloads: 39
[audio]DuoRadio 1: Nick Wheat - Andrew Davis
The first episode of DuoRadio, I talk with Nick Wheat from Orono, Maine. Topics include Straight Edge, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, taxes, Republican vs. Democrats, and is Barack Obama a vampire?
Keywords: Glenn Beck; Rush Limbaugh; Twilight; Politics; Rupublicans; Snus
Downloads: 30
[audio]Rush Limbaugh's Hell In A Bucket
Rush Limbaugh's Hell In A Bucket
Keywords: Rush Limbaugh's Hell In A Bucket; sly in the morning
Downloads: 229
[movies]Stossel's Take On Capitalism - PHICEN
John Stossel defends Capitalism and say the OWS protestors are "Ignorant". This was taken from his show that aired on December 10,
Keywords: ows; Capitalism; OWS; Stossel; Rush Limbaugh Racist Comment; PHICEN
Downloads: 24
[audio]Liberal Talk Show Host Al Franken
Liberal talk show host and comedian Al Franken joins host Jeffrey Callison to talk about his career and political aspirations, the fledgling Air America radio network, and, just maybe, someone named Rush Limbaugh. The Al Franken Show broadcasts live today from Sacramento's Crest Theater. Last fall he ran 72 hours to complete a nonstop, 262 mile run. You've seen him on 60 Minutes and The Late Show with David Letterman...
Keywords: Al Franken; Rush Limbaugh; Dean Karnazes; KXJZ; Sacramento Public Radio
Downloads: 616
[audio]CSA Episode 217 "A little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down their pants..." - csa/8 beer sampler productions
Very interesting episode tonight boys and girls. First Maqz and T Fab stop Albert Einstein from spinning in his grave. Then, flush with this success, they tackle "This week in the GOP", Where Rush Limbaugh sings a little song about sluts, the GOP candidates (The three Amigos) dance around calling Limbaugh out for his slander, and the GOP machine, lead by none other than Half Governor Palin, spray seltzer down the pants of the American public in treating this like a freedom of speech issue OR com...
Keywords: rush limbaugh; romney; santorum; newt; transvaginal; palin; GOP
Downloads: 57
[audio]Brian Matos Radio: Rush Limbaugh - Brian Matos
Radio news, air-play charts, and a commentary on Rush Limbaugh latest run in with Washington
Keywords: Rush Limbaugh; KGO; WBZ; Arbitron; HD Radio; Emmis; Jeff Smuylan
Downloads: 138
[audio]Petr Riot's Smack Talk 3612 - Peter Beck and Ralph Greco
Yes we got on the Rush thang, talked about Peterâs latest adventurers with his sauce, and we talk over the loss of dear old Ronnie Montrose (donât know who he is, look him up!) Anyway, that-and more-is what we are all about this week on SMACK TALK.
Keywords: Sex; Rock; Rush Limbaugh; Ronnie Montrose; Rock Candy; Sweet Peter's; Models; Rob Hawk's Clickers and Chickers
Downloads: 23
[audio]Firnecast 54 - Dan and Mandy
This week Dan and Mandy discuss Rush Limbaugh, lighting up, and continue The Black Paladin
Keywords: comedy; humor; podcast; funny; weird; fan fiction; rush limbaugh; religion; spiritual
Downloads: 102
[audio]Brian Matos Radio Update: February 24, 2009 - Brian Matos
Radio revenue numbers in 2008, Rush Limbaugh writes to President Obama, and more talk about radio royalties in Washington D.C.
Keywords: Rush Limbaugh; Obama; Local Radio Freedom Act; radio; revenue; 2009; 2008
Downloads: 23
[audio]Crumb Crisp Podcast 9-23-12 - Geoffrey Maxfield
Geoff Maxfield and Brandon Kirk talk about The movie, "Twister" and right-winged humor
Keywords: Geoff Maxfield; brandon kirk; Twister; Bill Paxton; Helen Hunt; Jeff Dunam; Rush Limbaugh; Crumb Crisp
Downloads: 19
[audio]Save America - Raise Taxes - Sly in the Morning
Rush Limbaugh got a rare history lesson from a liberal listeners who corrected him on a host of issues including on how Reagan raised taxes to help pay for social security. Nowadays, Republicans have to give a blood oath to not raise taxes under any circumstances. We have the lowest taxes in over 50 years and we have catastrophic debt to prove it. Cut the pentagon's budget, raise the withholding limit on social security, and for the good of the country raise taxes! It's no coincidence that natio...
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; Ronald Reagan; Rush Limbaugh; burned; raise taxes; 1670 WTDY
Downloads: 92
[audio]Congressman Ron Paul - Harry Terry
Interview with Howard Riell on March 24, 2009. Dr. Paul speaks about things not read about in the Main Stream Media. He touches on what politics and elections are really about. He comments on Jesse Ventura's observation on elections being the same as pro wrestling. He gives his comments on Rush Limbaugh, Obama, and his bill, HR 1207 The Federal Reserve Transparency Act.
Keywords: Federal Reserve; Jesse Ventura; Rush Limbaugh; Howard Riell; Alan Keyes; Obama; Wall Street political contribitions
Downloads: 82
[audio]Public School Graduates EP. 24 - Ben & Larry
The boys are back and we are chipper. Well, one is tired and the other is hungover but that doesn't stop us from doing the most giving show yet - What happens at a bachelor party get reveled by Larry (mostly) - What happens to the poor stays with the poor - What happens in Guardians of the Galaxy is explained - What happens when the boyz get an idea. a revolution occurs Check out that and more in this jam packed episode and check out our facebook page to see how you can help the world by doing n...
Keywords: Guardians of the Galaxy; #ferguson; #icebucketchallenge; #nothingfornothing; rush limbaugh; gene simmons
Downloads: 57
[movies]My predictions for 2010
This week: 1. Coked up drones 2. Hacking Skynet 3. Iranian Rage 4. The economy must collapse 5. Criminals in Action 6. The Stimulator's Magic Crystal Balls
Keywords: news&information; iran; drone; colombia; rush limbaugh; alex jones; submedia; glenn beck
Downloads: 3
[audio]HearYourselfThink on the Air! Jan. 8th -
We're staging an intervention on the addiction to extreme media craziness in America. On today's show:The #FoxNewsBrainFreeze on Global Warming. How the right-wing media crazy talk on climate is the perfect example of the "incestuous amplification" loop in action. Taking down strawman arguments from climate deniers and a special pop quiz!
Keywords: climate change; global warming; Rush Limbaugh; Accuweather; Polar Vortex; right-wing media noise machine
Downloads: 1
[audio]Beyond Mere Belief Week 1 - Pastor John Utley
The people of Israel had just crossed the red sea and escaped Egyptian bondage. They were destined for a land promised by God, and prepared just for them. The lessons they would learn on the journey from the red sea to the promised land would enable them to believe God for anything. Unfortunately, they never could go "beyond mere belief" and take the step to the next level of faith. Our journey is no different...
Keywords: Faith; Jesus; Chase Utley; Peyton Manning; Black Eyed Peas; Christ; Twilight; Israel; Cartel; Rush Limbaugh; Fox News
Downloads: 505
[audio]Viewpoint: Weekly Edition. Weekend of 03/04 September - Ian Beaumont
In this edition of Viewpoint, Ian Beaumont talks about the Vatican and the Irish Government having a little spat, a court case in Upstate New York that is revealing secret details of CIA rendition flights, and he ponders why US radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh appears to be at the head of the Republican Party in Washington DC.
Keywords: Viewpoint; weekly edition; radio; Ian Beaumont; City Media Productions; Rush Limbaugh; Republican Party; Vatican; Irish Government; CIA rendition; New York
Downloads: 14
[audio]We Don't Count #1 - Harry Terry

Keywords: Michael Savage; Deparment of Homeland; Security; Janet Napolitano; Right-Wing Extremists; Wanda Sykes; Rush Limbaugh; Robert Gibbs; Steve King; ACORN
Downloads: 85
[audio]Rush Limbaugh's Love For Herman Cain
Rush Limbaugh's Love For Herman Cain
Keywords: Rush Limbaugh's Love For Herman Cain; sly in the morning; 1670; wtdy; am; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 119
[audio]Rush Limbaugh - Birth Control Sluts
Rush Limbaugh - Birth Control Sluts
Keywords: Rush Limbaugh - Birth Control Sluts; sly in the morning; 106.7; fm; 1670; am; wtdy; talk; radio; madison; wisconsin
Downloads: 278
[audio]Rush Limbaugh: Public Workers "Raping" Taxpayers - Sly in the Morning
The man who makes 20 million dollars a year thinks that all public sector employees are essentially "raping" the taxpayers. I'm asking all my public sector union workers to call in, tell me what you make, and then we'll determine whether you are "raping" anyone.
Keywords: Sly in the Morning; 1670 WTDY; Rush Limbaugh; Madison; Wisconsin; rape; public sector; union; workers; state; raping
Downloads: 138
[audio]BV Podcast 0174 - Bloodthirsty Vegetarians - Rich Wielgosz and Paul R. Potts
On this 174th episode, and reboot, we bring you a new episode with a new personality. Meet Paul R. Potts! * Paul and I do some introductions * Andrew Breitbart, RIP. * Tune 1: Rainbow Dew by Okayan * Rush Limbaugh. What's his deal?!?!? * Tune 2: Give It Time by Scott Jones * See you next time!
Keywords: Paul R. Potts; Andrew Breitbart; Niji No Shizuku; Rainbow Dew; Okayan; Rush Limbaugh; Give It Time; Scott Jones
Downloads: 263
[audio]RokRell4 - Roklan and Relly Soprano (RokNRell Radio Show)
Today we talk about Interracial Sex, Mexican Midgets, Racial Complexes, Fox Nees, Fair, Balanced, Rush Limbaugh, Black Ownership, Kobe, Racism, Tyra Banks, Oprah, Toddlers, tiaras and Tupac, Epithets
Keywords: Interracial Sex; Mexican Midgets; Racial Complexes; Fox Nees; Fair; Balanced; Rush Limbaugh; Black Ownership; Kobe; Racism; Tyra Banks; Oprah
Downloads: 91
[texts]Imprimis Volume 38 Number 1 - Hillsdale College

Keywords: Hillsdale College; Imprimis; Center for Constructive Alternatives; reagan era; pursuing truth; defending liberty; rush limbaugh; main idea
Downloads: 1
[movies]Turtlehead Blues - Don Blueberry
Comedy music Video about taking a poop, shit, crap, whatever.
Keywords: pat robertson; sarah silverman; glen beck; south park; rush limbaugh; jesus christ angels; poop song; bowel movement; blues; music
Downloads: 155
[movies]Funny or Die Video fa2b6ec6f6: Spank me Jesus. "What a Rush" - Funny or Die
don't worry Rush Limbaugh has enough Pain Killers.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; Don't Worry; Jesus; Rush Limbaugh; The Princess; animation; discipline; health; politics; spanking
Downloads: 13
[movies]Chicago Independent Television, Episode 82 - Chicago Indymedia Video Collective
E82 Chicago Independent TV November 2012 In This Episode: - Inside The 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike - Texas Pipeline Blockade - Fracking â A Nightmare For Illinoisans - Rush Limbaugh Protest Part 1 Inside The 2012 Chicago Teachers Strike For nine days, the Chicago Teachers Union gained worldwide attention for their strike over a number of issues.  In this segment we hear an in-depth perspective from a Chicago teacher who served on the union's negotiation team...
Keywords: Chicago Indymedia Protest Media Independent Television Teachers Union CTU Public Schools Strike Keystone Pipeline Texas Fracking Illinois Rush Limbaugh Rahm Emanuel WLS
Downloads: 34
[audio]Babble Podcast #9, 1-26-09
Babble Podcast #9, January 26, 2009
Keywords: babble; podcast; strollerderby; droolicious; famecrawler; blog; parenting; barack obama; john mccain; sarah palin; news; rush limbaugh; Rod Blagojevich; heath ledger; oscars; the dark knight; academy awards
Downloads: 554
[movies]Politic America - Caeser Pink
A documentary of the issue of flag burning. Directed by Caeser Pink & Lou Terrier. Filmed in lewistown, PA, and State College, PA at the Penn State University. Sound by Don Klees. -
Keywords: Poltic America caeser pink flag burning patriotism fourth of july veterans Old glory treason marines war rush Limbaugh 4th Americas
Downloads: 77
[movies]Alternative Views #524: POTPOURRI 30: LIMBAUGH; HAITI; ESTHER'S FOLLIES; '52 ELECTION - Frank Morrow
The lies of Rush Limbaugh are exposed; the historical background of US-Haitian relations is discussed; skits of Austin's satirical review group Esther's Follies are presented; and more of the Democratic radio jingles from the Eisenhower-Stevenson election of 1952 are replayed. News: September, 1994 Copyright October, 1994 ******************************************* * Note: * The Alternative Information Network * address in the video is no longer in use...
Keywords: progressive media; alternative media; public access television; Frank Morrow; Doug Kellner; Austin Community Television; Rush Limbaugh; Haiti; Esther's Follies; Eisenhower-Stevenson election; 1952
Downloads: 753 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[audio]The Creativity & Courage Of Nonviolence - sgl
Congressman John Lewis talks about the civil rights movement and the part he played in it. John also explains to Krista Tippett about how to apply nonviolence today.Source: On Being with Krista Tippett: John Lewis — The Art & Discipline Of NonviolenceLloyd Sederer talks with Tavis Smiley about the mental health crisis in the U.S.  Dr. Lloyd Sederer is medical director of the New York State Office of Mental Health, the largest state mental health system in the United States...
Keywords: Great Speeches And Interviews; Gerald Ford; Martin Luther King; Ronald Reagan; Rush Limbaugh; Lloyd Sederer; Tavis Similey; John Lewis; Krista Tippett; Nonviolence; Mental Health
Downloads: 69
[movies]Funny or Die Video a4740232b1: FrankenCheney with a Shotgun - Funny or Die
Open Mic night at a local coffee shop, mainly attended by hippies and Emo shitheads. needless to say, i FIT RIGHT IN.
Keywords: Funny or Die Video Archive; A Lawyer; My Camera; Needless To Say; Rush Limbaugh; bitch; coffee shop; eris; frankencheney; giligadi; open mic; shoot; snitch
Downloads: 7
From the cheap ladies' foundations section in the department store of their daylight-saved lives, Maren and Mae continue to evolvulate... highlights include a mini-editorial, semi-feminist rant for International Women's Day, Cartoon Poon, big rocks with better P.R. than Mae, a pristine homoerotic playlet, the real meaning of Beyoncee's song "Put a Ring on It," flashing cow titty, and "Moo" means "No." You are becoming very, very Swiss...
Downloads: 57
[audio]RD-Todd Montesi-N word - The Revolving Door
Which celebrities would you be surprised to hear the N Word from? Jay and Andy choose their words carefully while black comedian Todd Montesi lets it fly.
Keywords: barack obama; morgan freeman; will smith; flava flav; jayz; jay-z; jay z; lil wayne; derek jeter; bernie williams; bill cosby; rush limbaugh; yao ming; NBA; basketball; carlton banks; fresh prince; urkel; theo; malcom jamal warner; raven symone
Downloads: 169
[movies]new world next week - december 3, 2009 - media monarchy
December arrives with a lot of news to cover on this latest episode of New World Next Week. The official announcement of another Afghanisurge provides the backdrop for stories about explosive documents; some of which have been leaked & others that will probably remain classified. James Corbett of & James Evan Pilato of also go over the latest on the Obamessiah, Osama dying & the continuing Climategate scandal.Story#1: Leaked documents reveal No 10 cover-up ove...
Keywords: new world next week; corbett report; media monarchy; food world order; cyber/space\war; alternative news; politics; conspiracy; podcast; afghanisurge; bush; blair; climategate; documents; intel; iraq war; obama; osama; rumsfeld; rush limbaugh; robert baer
Downloads: 105
[movies]Contraception - BTR Pulse [ep66]
The idea that a mandate for coverage of contraception in health insurance plans may violate religious liberties has recently been debated in the legislature and has become a topic in the GOP presidential primaries. And the public debate of the issue has become inflammatory, as evidenced by controversial remarks made by Rush Limbaugh. BTR Pulse host Lauren Hawker hit the streets of NYC to see what people think of the issue...
Keywords: news&information; contraception; btr pulse; breakthru radio; health insurance; religious liberties; lauren hawker; jackie soller; rush limbaugh; new york city; gop; election 2012; presidential election; us congress; birth control; us politics; thieving irons; sleepwalking into the ocean
Downloads: 5
[audio]we are the zombies - we are the zombies
we are the zombies. we eat the brains. we are the zombies. we eat the brains. we are the zombies.
Keywords: zombies; zombie; we are the zombies; horror electro; horror; electro; electronic; dance; weird; freak; psycho; crazy; demented; poop; donkeyboner; villiamsburg va; rush limbaugh; mogadishu; critical thinking; take your pants off; dance party; donkeyboner
Downloads: 177
[audio]Ourobouros Podcast #304 - Grief Industry - Colin Gazeley
Podcast playing 8 tracks of great independent music and discussing the media reaction to the death of Robin Williams.
Keywords: and the hops; i:scintilla; joe tripp; klangschwester; maxx12; memory of a melody; mental illness; mixe1; principe valiente; robin williams; rush limbaugh; shep smith; suicide; the penelopes; zelda williams
Downloads: 38
[movies]Jon Stewart Versus Cable News on Rush Slut Kerfuffle
Rush Limbaugh has apologized for calling Sandra Fluke a "slut" and a "prostitute" but the whole dustup made it very clear what the difference between cable news and comedy is: almost nothing. Jon Stewart's take on The Daily Show was as hilarious as Karl Rove's on Fox News. For entirely different reasons.
Keywords: news&information; fox news; greta van sustern; karl rove; jon stewart; john stewart; daily show; rush limbaugh; sandra fluke; slut; prostitute; contraception; david gregory; mitt romney; newt gingrich; rick santorum; ron paul
Downloads: 26
[movies]The Andrew Zarian Show Ep. 138 - Covered In Leeches 3-8-12
This week on The Andrew Zarian Show: Comedian Tim Dillon fills in for Kunal. The gang discusses confronting Kunal for being strange. What was Kunal's reaction? Andrew shares photos secretly taken of him by a viewer. Andrew flirts with the eye doctor to get a discount. Should Jessica be upset? Jessica and Tim discuss where to have a GFQ staff vacation. Where won't Andrew go? Andrew brings up Tila Tequila's attempt at suicide...
Keywords: talk&interview; sue simmons; mubarek; dictator; florida; haiti; vegas; mexico; tila teqila; tila tequila suicide; news; headlines; funny; 90s; 90s nostalgia; slam book; sandra fluke; prius; hulk hogan; olivia munn; rush limbaugh; rubber popper
Downloads: 6
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